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Saudi adventurer to cycle across GCC countries, reaches UAE

The Abu Dhabi Sports Council and the Abu Dhabi Cycling Club welcomed the Saudi adventurer Salim Saleh Al Sarifi, who is currently touring the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, on his cycle. Al Sarifi started his tour from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and arrived in Abu Dhabi after about 18 days.

He planned to visit the seven Emirates, starting with Abu Dhabi and then will head to the rest of the GCC countries. He aims to encourage cycling and make it a life style.


Al Nakhira Al Khaili, CEO of Abu Dhabi Cycling Club, praised Al Sarifi’s initiative and said, “The Abu Dhabi Cycling Club continues its awareness-raising efforts on the importance of cycling, not only to improve the level of physical fitness, but also as a sustainable and environmentally friendly means of transport. Bicycles today have become one of the most important means of individual transport.

Al Sarifi said that he loves to travel and ride bicycles, and that he toured Saudi Arabia on similar trips, during which he travelled for more than 3,000 kilometres during the past three years.

He added, “The UAE is the first country I visited during my tour. I consider UAE my second home. Moreover, it is a global tourist destination witnessing an unprecedented boom in the field of bicycles.”

About his trip from Saudi Arabia to the UAE, Al Sarifi said, “The trip took 18 days, including 4 days of rest. I used to cover a distance of 100 to 150 kilometres a day. I encountered many challenges during the trip, such as high temperature and dust at times, but my passion for cycling made me overcome all these difficulties.”


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