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Emirates Red Crescent spreads joy on the 49th National Day

The Emirates Red Crescent Authority, ERC, celebrated the 49th UAE National Day today, taking into consideration all the precautionary measures of the Covid 19 pandemic, to ensure that everyone enjoys happiness and security as they celebrate this memory.

On this occasion, the Emirates Red Crescent Authority, ERC, stated: “The 49th UAE is celebrated as we live in an era of remarkable achievements and great peace, it is a mixed feeling of joy and pride, and it reflects the amount of love, loyalty and belonging to this country. In this day we pledge to remain loyal to our wise leadership and preserve the achievements and gains of our homeland.”

The audience interacted with the orchestral playing as soon as it was launched on YouTube, in addition to all other ERC social media accounts. The video of the national anthem was shared by the followers, expressing their joy, and appreciation as it reflected patriotism, a sense of loyalty and gratitude to the founding leaders.

The Emirates Red Crescent Authority launched “Our Union lights our homes” initiative targeting all citizens and residents celebrating the 49th UAE National Day, by sharing a video showing their celebration of 49th National Day, such as decorations, traditional clothes, etc.., to its official social media accounts.


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