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Emerson: Achieving the perfect crunch

Frying, as a method of cooking, is popular worldwide, producing foods with a characteristic golden colour, outstanding flavour, appealing aromas and a distinctive crunch.

Fried food quality is a function of oil quality. As cooking oil degrades, it affects the texture, taste and overall flavour experience of the food. Many restaurant operators are implementing an oil quality testing programme to help ensure that they serve the best-quality fried foods.

There are three different acceptable methods to test cooking oil: colour guide testing, FFA measurement/strip testing and the TPM method of testing. While all these methods are in use today, the more accurate method is the TPM.

Cooking oil can now be tested safely and easily using a Bluetooth-enabled tester with a probe, like Emerson’s Lumity Cooking Oil Tester, which quickly detects the aging of frying oil. The TPM value (Total Polar Materials) measured reflects the deterioration of edible oil due to high temperatures during frying process. This value can be measured and stored to help ensure superior oil and tasty products.

With a quick 15 second response rate, a TMP measure range of 0.5 too 50% and a TMP accuracy of ±2% (10-190.0°C), the Lumity Cooking Oil Tester can measure oil quality quickly, safely and efficiently. The lighted display screen changes colour (green, yellow and red) based on the range of the TPM value measured so users can easily identify the quality of the oil.

When compared to traditional cooking oil test strips, some operations see an ROI of about six to eight months with the Lumity Cooking Oil Tester*. Not only does the Cooking Oil Tester have an efficient payback, but it also can help improve the quality and taste of the fried food served.

Regular measurement using the Lumity Cooking Oil Tester helps prevent cooking oil from being replaced too early or too late, so oil can be changed at just the right time, helping you save on both cooking oil and operational costs.

*ROI depends on many factors including, but not limited to, the cost of cooking oil.


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