Published On: Wed, Aug 27th, 2014

Jazeera Airways July 2014 operational performance report shows increases on major routes

Jazeera Airways

Jazeera Airways

Jazeera Airways released its July 2014 Operational Performance Report Tuesday, which shows an increase in flown passengers on routes serving Istanbul, Cairo, Jeddah, Sharm El Sheikh and Sohag.
Jazeera Airways issues its Operational Performance Report on both a monthly and annual basis. The Report is based on official figures and statistics from Kuwait’s Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGCA).
The airline’s report also showed an on-time performance of 94pct, reported based on results by independent US-based OTP tracker, FlightStats.
Jazeera Airways saw a 129pct increase in flown passengers on the Kuwait-Istanbul route from July 2013, and grabbed a 3pct market share on the route. The airline serves the city’s primary airport, Istanbul Atatأ¼rk Airport (IST) with five flights a week.
Flown passengers on the Kuwait-Jeddah route increased in July 2014 by 5pct from July 2013. The airline grabbed a 20pct market share on the route.
The airline also saw an increase of flown passengers on three of the routes serving Egypt. Jazeera Airways serves six cities in Egypt.
Flown passengers on the route serving Cairo increased by 12pct from July 2013, and increased by 19pct on the route serving Sharm El Sheikh and by 71pct on the route serving Sohag.
The airline led on the route serving Luxor with a 61pct market share, and grabbed a 24pct market share on the Kuwait-Cairo route, a 19pct market share on the Kuwait-Alexandria route, a 45pct market share on the Kuwait-Sohag route and a 54pct market share for Kuwait-Sharm El Sheikh.
On routes serving the Levant, Jazeera Airways grabbed a 34pct market share on the Kuwait-Amman route, and a 29pct market share on the Kuwait-Beirut route.
The July 2014 report also shows that Jazeera Airways grabbed a 9pct market share on the Kuwait-Dubai route, a 6pct market share on the Kuwait-Bahrain route, a 7pct market share on the Kuwait-Riyadh route, a 20pct market share on the Kuwait-Mashhad route.
Flights to Al Najaf did not operate during the month of July for security reasons.

Source : KUNA Kuwait News agency

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