#43 KELE

Designation : ANDREW ELIAS, CEO

» Marina Promenade in Dubai, UAE
» Al Duaa Marina Tower in Dubai, UAE
» Salman Bay in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
» Deira City Center in Dubai, UAE
» Hydra Towers in Dubai, UAE
» Dragon Mart Hotel in Dubai, UAE

The strength and success of Kele is in the projects that have been completed around the world which have sparked the passion for achieving excellence. Kele’s expertise includes the design and construction of large-scale developments, low and high-rise buildings, residential and commercial developments.

Established in Australia over three decades ago, Kele has continued to develop a wide range of construction capabilities and expand operations within Australia and globally throughout the Gulf, Middle East and Africa. Kele’s platform for growth is based on specialist construction techniques backed with customised design,engineering and management services.

The key strengths of Kele have evolved through the adoption of industry leading practices combined with the latest Australian construction techniques and processes. This background combined with an ISO certified management system continues to ensure the successful delivery of projects for all clients worldwide. Kele has the experience and ability to create andachieve high quality and cost effective construction solutions for all types of projects. This is achieved by a vast knowledge of the value engineering and design process to drive value without compromise, all of this is then executed to completion by a highly skilled management team with a diverse range of experience both locally and globally.

With a solid foundation successfully in place Kele continues to combine the best engineering and manage- ment practices to offer a range of construction solutions which are constantly pushing the boundary of what can be achieved. Kele focuses on a complete 360 degree approach to the design and execution of every project through the unique “think, design, build” philosophy which continues to propel Kele forward as a significant force in the construction industry.