General Electric (GE) is an international conglomerate headquartered in Fairfield, USA. The company operates through various segments including power and water, oil and gas, energy management, aviation, healthcare, transportation and capital. GE Lighting part of GE, is known for its commitment towards energy-efficient solutions in commercial, industrial, municipal and residential settings. The business employees about 13,000 in more than 100 countries.

President and CEO of GE Lighting EMEA Agostino Renna joined the regional the team in 2013. Prior to his current role he was the vice president of Growth and Market Strategy for GE Canada. Maryrose Sylvester, President and CEO of GE Lighting, said: “Agostino Renna’s experience, leadership and significant sales and marketing background make him an outstanding person to continue the transformation of the lighting business in the region.

He has demonstrated outstanding management qualities and has the ability to sharpen our strategic focus to lead GE Lighting Europe, Middle East and Africa to achieve strong, sustained growth in 2013 and beyond.” Earlier this year, GE Lighting announced its new organisational structure for the MEA and Turkey with a focus on enhanced customer service delivery and promoting sustainable lighting solutions.

The structure will promote energy efficiency and rational use of power through sustainable lighting solutions for diverse requirements as well as comprehensive lighting solutions support for projects. Renna said: “There is a significant focus on driving sustainability and energy productivity through the application of LED technology.

With LED lighting quickly becoming an innovative jump off point for various smart applications, this new organisational structure will allow us to augment our focus on delivering lighting enabled outcomes to customers through multiple channels.”