Designation : ALI OMER, CEO

» Azizi Feirouz in Dubai, UAE
» Azizi Yasamine in Dubai, UAE
» Azizi Liatris in Dubai, UAE
» Azizi Orchid in Dubai, UAE
» Azizi iris in Dubai, UAE

Azizi Developments is devoted to the principle that everyone deserves affordable, quality housing. As experienced developers, the company has increased its land and income producing property inventories, thus strategically positioning itself to maximise future growth while reducing financial risk. It has also begun to diversify geographically by extending into growth markets around the country and by broadening its product mix into additional market segments and price points. Azizi Developments is involved in acquisitions, site selection, market analysis, zoning, permitting, architectural planning, financing, and construction, management, marketing, leasing and sales. Earlier this year, the company revealed that it has invested an estimated AED4.5
billion into Dubai’s real estate sector to date driven by robust local demand for affordable luxury and value homes. The company launched five large-scale residential projects in 2014 – including the sold-out Azizi Iris, one of its prime luxury properties. Azizi Developments has bounced back strongly from the 2008 financial slowdown after cancelling its previous projects in order to help clients that were facing financial difficulties failing to continue the payments of the already invested projects. In 2015, Azizi Developments is expected to sustain its upward trajectory as it plans to launch more new luxury residential and hotel projects and develop elite hotel apartments across Dubai.