Published On: Wed, Jan 21st, 2015

UAE Central Bank develops Credit Sentiment Survey

Central Bank of the U.A.E.

Central Bank of the U.A.E.

The Central Bank has developed a Credit Sentiment Survey, The Survey, in 2014 Q1 to collect information from all banks and finance companies extending credit within the UAE. The move is part of its efforts to gauge both supply and demand-side factors influencing the local credit market, and to further understand the linkages between credit sentiment and the broader UAE economy.

A series of multiple choice questions were addressed to a sample of Senior Credit Officers within all financial institutions extending credit within the UAE. Such questions gauge the Survey respondents’ experiences and expectations with respect to changes in both demand for credit as well as credit availability, for both business and personal lending.

The Central Bank may use the Survey from time to time to ask topical questions designed to shed light on specific periods or events in the UAE credit market, and assess their implications for short-term economic developments.

Following analysis of results and feedback from the first three quarters, the Central Bank has decided to publicly release the results of the 2014 Q4 Survey as they may contain valuable market intelligence for lending institutions and the public, as well as establishing a set of timely leading indicators for analysis of the UAE economy. The Survey results will be available on the Central Bank’s website. An Executive Summary of the key findings is available in the front page of the report.

The results contained in the report do not reflect the views of the Central Bank and should not be construed as such. The scheduled publication dates for the upcoming Survey results covering the year 2015 are as follows; 2015 Q1 Survey in April, Q2 Survey in July, Q3 Survey in October, Q4 Survey in January 2016.

Source : WAM News Agency for United Arab Emirates

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