Published On: Fri, Nov 28th, 2014

GOIC Holds Workshop on “Occupational Safety in Firms” in Dubai

GOIC Holds Workshop on "Occupational Safety in Firms" in Dubai

GOIC Holds Workshop on “Occupational Safety in Firms” in Dubai

Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC) will hold a workshop on occupational safety in firms in Dubai from December 8 to 11 as part of efforts to build industrial sector workers’ capacities in GCC countries and Yemen.
Held under GOIC’s Training and Capacity Development Program (TCD), the training targets trainers, supervisors, heads of departments and safety supervisors at public and private factories, corporations and firms, in addition to all parties involved in guaranteeing occupational safety in industrial facilities.
It aims at shedding light on workplace hazards, material safety data sheets and background information necessary to guarantee safety of firms and workers. The training highlights not only hazards, but also preventive measures, notably related to long working hours. It also allows participants to acquire a set of safety skills and be up to firms’ safety requirements, in accordance with comprehensive development and healthy workplace environment standards.
The workshop’s themes are causes of accidents, workplace injuries and relevant preventive measures, the compliance of firms’ designs with standards, safety analysis for various professions, safety inspection measures and tools, safety instructions in factories, international safety laws and regulations, detection and warning systems and using behavioral and psychological skills to prevent accidents and precautionary measures in general.
GOIC seeks to promote individual and organizational capacities of the industrial sector in GCC countries and Yemen through its Training and Capacity Development Program (TCD).
GOIC, a Doha-based organization, is the top industrial consultations expertise hub boosting industrial development in GCC countries and Yemen. It seeks industrial integration and coordination between member states and endeavors to shape a regional industrial policy.

Source : Qatar News Agency

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