Published On: Fri, Nov 6th, 2015

Etisalat highlights risk of cyber threats and strategic solutions for enterprises in the UAE

Threats-600x378Etisalat’s participation at the recently concluded Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit, held on 2nd-3rd November, was marked with discussions around the region’s threat landscape and strategic and tactical countermeasures to manage risks in diverse business environments.

As a trusted security service provider in the UAE market, Etisalat further elaborated on its strategic security perspective presented last year at the summit. “We are pleased to be a part of this event and urge organisations to practice and adhere to “Continuous Security”, a structured approach stressing continuous risk management, continuous defence, continuous intelligence and continuous resilience”, said Francisco Salcedo, Senior Vice President of Digital Solutions.

On the first day of the summit, Etisalat delivered a thought provoking address to further explain why businesses should stay vigilant in order to safeguard their assets from security risks.

Salcedo added, “At a juncture when the region is targeted with advanced cyber threats, we at Etisalat offer services from our advanced Security Operations Centre, helping organisations in the UAE to manage security risks in an effective way. Our professional team works with organisations to understand their ‘pain points’ and offer relevant solutions for associated security risks.”

Etisalat showcased its comprehensive Cyber Intelligence Service to delegates. Etisalat’s cyber threat intelligence offers proactive, predictive and actionable intelligence to help businesses prevent digital risks targeting their intellectual capital, reputation, brand and their ability to perform day-to-day business operations.

Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit is the region’s most important security and risk management summit with global attendance of senior IT executives, CIOs and IT leaders. The summit was held on 2nd-3rd November at Raffles Hotel, Dubai.

Source: Emirates news agency

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