Published On: Tue, Nov 18th, 2014

Shell wins top global award for best projects of the year

Shell wins top global award for best projects of the year

Shell wins top global award for best projects of the year

The Association for Project Management, APM, has awarded Shell the top prize for best and safest projects delivery.

This achievement was attributed to Shell’s project management excellence, notably in turning a battlefield into an oilfield through the safe removal of explosive remnants of war (ERW) at the Majnoon project in Iraq. More than 28 square kilometers of land, equivalent to 9,000 football pitches, have been cleared of ERW with around 14,000 items of explosives destroyed, all with a perfect safety record.

Shell developed a new approach using heavily armored bulldozers and loaders adapted for the project. Beyond clearing the field of explosives, Shell safely transported people and material into the project site, driving two and a half million kilometers, the equivalent of 62 times around the world, and transported 48,000 tonnes of material, more than the equivalent weight of six Eiffel Towers. The project team achieved 10 million man hours without a loss-time injury (LTI) in September 2013, a record for a project of scale.

Shell’s project team were also recognised for their efforts in achieving top quartile delivery in the Port Dickson Refinery in Malaysia where the Shell team successfully achieved first commercial production with no process safety incidents during the refinery’s start up.

Nick Smallwood, Shell’s Chief Project Engineer, said, “This award is true recognition for all those involved in the development, design and project delivery of Shell’s capital projects. We manage some of the world’s biggest, most complex projects and a single project’s construction can unite tens of thousands of workers from all corners of the world. Our people work in extreme conditions, from desert heat to freezing tundra and ocean depths, and it’s thanks to the expertise and skillful collaboration of dedicated teams that we deliver ground breaking projects in the safest and most competitive manner.”

Source : WAM News Agency for United Arab Emirates

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