Published On: Thu, May 1st, 2014

Increase of Bulk, Retail Prices of Diesel Product Effective Thursday

''WOQOD'' gas station

”WOQOD” gas station

 WOQOD Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ibrahim Jaham Al-Kuwari announced that; Pursuant to the instructions of the concerned authorities, it has been decided to increase diesel product retail prices so that the sale price per liter will be QR 1.5 per/liter at all petrol stations within the country.
It has also been decided to increase bulk price for projects to the two categories of Local Price and Joint Venture Price to be QR. 1.5 Per/Liter and QR. 1.8 Per/Liter respectively, with effect from 01:00 hours a.m. on Thursday 01/05/2014 , whereas the International Price category will remain the same, said a WOQOD press release on Wednesday.
WOQOD CEO Called upon the proprieties of Petrol Stations in the State of Qatar to adhere to the new retail price for diesel product at their respective stations effective from the specified date , pointing out that , Qatar Fuel will monitor the implementation of the decision in the appropriate manner and will take the necessary measures against non-complaint Stations.
Hence, WOQOD requests all Petrol Station proprieties to carry out all necessary arrangements for the implementation of the new Prices including:- 1. Re- adjust dispenser meters to calculate new price.
2. Change all posters and stickers for diesel price and replace with ones showing the new prices.
3. Display WOQOD announcement of the new diesel product retail price on conspicuous places/locations in order to make it visible for all consumers.
4. See to it that, all consumers are cognizant with the new price prior to supply.
With regard to project consumers, this announcement and any other communication to this effect, individually made to each of them, will be deemed to be an amendment of the Contract concluded with each of them for supply of diesel product.

Source : Qatar News Agency

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