Published On: Mon, Jan 5th, 2015

Emarat honours its station supervisors

Abdulla Hassan Al Noman, Emarat's Senior Manager, Retail Operations

Abdulla Hassan Al Noman, Emarat’s Senior Manager, Retail Operations

Emirates General Petroleum Corporation, Emarat, honoured its station supervisors in appreciation of their substantial efforts in supervising the service stations of the corporation in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, in gratitude for their dedication in customer service, achievement of good results and high performance standards.

Abdulla Hassan Al Noman, Emarat’s Senior Manager, Retail Operations, praised the supervisors and employees of the service stations saying that they are an honorable frontier for the corporation. He also applauded their effective contributions to maintaining Emarat’s pioneering position in the sector of distribution and marketing of petroleum products through their high and qualitative services. Mr. Al Noman emphasised that the management pays utmost attention to its human resources as they are considered the main element in the corporation’s success and distinction.

In a speech during the ceremony, Al Noman stressed the importance of being committed to the corporation’s vision and identity, and the implementation of its values in real life, adding that excellence in service and the realisation of customer satisfaction are two key factors in sustaining the unique identity of Emarat in a highly competitive environment.

Al Noman also asked supervisors of stations to be fully acquainted with their responsibilities regarding awareness of customer needs and opinions, to adopt creativity and distinction concepts, and to apply their accumulated experience in providing products and services in accordance with the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

Emarat’s station supervisors expressed their happiness for this honour, and they deeply thanked the management for its generosity and acknowledgment which they said will definitely encourage them to make their best efforts in order to realise Emarat’s vision and goals, emphasising their commitment and responsibility towards their customers and society.

Source : WAM News Agency for United Arab Emirates

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