Published On: Tue, Nov 17th, 2015

JetSmarter partners with Jetex Flight Support

JetSmarter members can now access Jetex’s premium lounges and luxury amenities across a global network

JetSmarter, the mobile marketplace that seamlessly connects travellers to private jets from their smartphones, has partnered with trip planning company Jetex Flight Support to provide clients with exceptional first class travel experiences from the ground up – making private air travel even more luxurious.

The partnership will introduce a new luxury experience for JetSmarter members as they benefit from exceptional customer service to relax, and find a home-away-from-home in Jetex’s facilities worldwide. Jetex provides a comprehensive range of trip support services such as aircraft fueling, ground handling, trip planning, concierge services and more. It also operates  lounges  and  high-end FBOs  in several  global  airports –  including Paris,  Dubai, Shannon, Kiev, Toluca and Chile – where JetSmarter customers will be able to relax, eat, shower and even catch up on sleep. In total, the company has over 37 locations in 27 countries including an Operations base in Miami, FL.

“Our partnership with Jetex is about extending a premium flight experience to our members from the moment they enter an airport, to the time they leave,” said JetSmarter CEO Sergey Petrossov. “There are also multiple synergies to be had on the business and operational front, as Jetex’s ground capabilities worldwide are supporting JetSmarter as we expand our offerings around the globe, to make private jet travel more accessible and convenient for users.”

Under the agreement, JetSmarter aims to fly most of its worldwide charter flights out of Jetex facilities. The partnership will also see Jetex customers receive an exclusive offer to become part of the JetSmarter membership experience. Every Jextex member who joins the JetSmarter network will be offered a month’s free extension.

“We are very pleased to have partnered with JetSmarter, a company that has revolutionized private  air  travel.”  said  Jetex  CEO  &  President, Adel  Mardini. “Our  partnership  with JetSmarter brings value to both businesses and we at Jetex will continue to expand our global network and offer exemplary customer service to our clients around the world.”

Since inception in 2012, JetSmarter has experienced rapid growth across the globe. In 2015,

the company’s membership base has grown by over 1,000 percent, while gaining access to

3,000 plus aircraft globally to provide endless flight options for members. For more information, please visit

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JetSmarter is a mobile marketplace that offers instant pricing and availability for private jets worldwide.  The application democratizes the private jet industry by decreasing the entry price for consumers and helping air carriers’ gain more exposure within the market. By eliminating the middle man when it comes to booking a private jet, this app takes the process into the future with simplicity and ease. The JetSmarter app is available for iOS and Android. For more information, please visit

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A global leader in the business aviation market, Jetex provides international trip support services. With over 600 employees, the company has a  global chain of FBOs and flight facilities, including FBOs in Paris, Dubai, Shannon, Santiago, Toluca and locations in Miami, Kiev, Beijing, Tokyo, London and the Philippines. The company has more than 37 locations in over 27 countries. Jetex ground staff, placed in countries around the world, offers clients local services wherever they land. With operations centers open 24/7 Jetex caters to its clients’ requirements around the clock. In collaboration with Honeywell, Jetex Flight Support has launched MyJETEX, a highly useful app for Apple platforms created to provide operators with dependable flight support solutions. For more information, please visit

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