Published On: Tue, Nov 17th, 2015

QNB CEO Confirms Importance of Information Security and Its Impact on Daily Life

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Ali Ahmed Al-Kuwari, CEO, Qatar National Bank (QNB)

The Group CEO of Qatar National Bank (QNB) Ali Ahmed Al-Kuwari confirmed the importance of information and Internet security and their vital role in the daily Life of people, communities, governments and corporations worldwide.
Addressing the opening session of conference of information security in the financial sector, Al-Kuwari explained that the internet is of great importance for prosperity of our business as it gives us opportunities to innovate, achieve efficiency in production, distribute information, products and services and allows companies to work within the global economy, noting that it is important to work to protect security and integrity of information, internet and infrastructure supporting it .
He added that there is no doubt that information security is the only guarantee for users’ confidence.
QNB CEO pointed out that the issue of information security has topped priorities of companies and institutions of all kinds around the world , pointing out that such e-threats are not directed against a particular country or a particular institution, but unfortunately targeting everyone and has become a fact of everyday life.
Al-Kuwari confirmed that companies and institutions today have become targets for many of criminals who may belong to pirates with political motives or who belong to gangs of organized crime or other category. He said no doubt that these e-threats have become numerous and more complicated despite the tremendous progress in the field of information technology.
The two-day second conference of information security in the financial institutions under the title ‘Enhancing IT security in the financial sector in today’s world’ was organized by QNB .
The conference, which aims to shed light on information and its challenges and improve infrastructure security, is an extension of the first conference of information security in financial institutions held by the bank last year under the title “Challenges and Solutions”. It was attended by a large number of specialists from home and abroad and achieved its goals for which it was held.

Source: Qatar news agency

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