Published On: Sat, Sep 5th, 2015

Top 10: Gitex trends for the tech-savvy, Part 2

From Robotics to Virtual Reality, GITEX Shopper predicts exciting new gadgets, devices and innovations driving consumer technology, at Dubai World Trade Centre, October 3 – 10.

3D Printers The expansion of the 3D printing market seems inevitable, with growth in industrial, biomedical and consumer applications helping companies reduce costs. With industry leaders aiming for a 3D printer in every home, advanced printing processes are improving the quality of this technology, with 2015 likely to see faster, lower-priced industrial machines and desktop machines with greater capabilities emerge.

Intelligent Drones – Robotics With Parrot and DJI Phantom – the two leading drone companies in the market – anticipating combined sales of $1 billion in 2015, up from $180 million in 2013, the increase in civilian drone usage in sectors such as construction, film-making, farming and conservation has created an industry boom. As affordability increases, a burgeoning hobbyist sector is also reaping the benefits.

Virtual Assistants As consumers become increasingly reliant on smartphone technology, Apple, Google and Yahoo have all acquired “predictive intelligence” apps that will help consumers boost their daily efficiency, helping to get things without being explicitly asked to do so. This technology will be baked into consumers’ mobile phones from 2015, with Google already quietly bringing theirs out for Android, and integrated into predictive products from mobile apps to smart speakers.

Beacon technology iPhones running the latest version of iOS 7 have benefited from the implementation of Apple’s iBeacon, meaning that these phones can perform background scans for beacons, even when the relevant apps are closed. Although this doesn’t yet exist on Android, beacon technology is a developing trend in this year’s market.

Biometrics With trends growing towards enterprise mobility, corporations are increasing their focus on security. Using unique human characteristics as a means of identity authentication – a fingerprint here, an iris scan there – eliminates the chances of identity theft and also benefits consumers through convenience. No more writing down dozens of passwords, just bat your eyes at a device and let your unique biometric signature do the rest!

Many of the Lenovo devices being featured at GITEX Shopper this year have Intel® RealSense™ technology, enabling them to actually sense and respond to hand gestures and facial movements, allowing users to command their computer without even touching it.

Mohammed Halilili, General Manager Lenovo Gulf said: Lenovo devices coupled with Intel RealSense technology also provides the capability of scanning and printing in 3D, manipulating photos and video-chat in new and exciting ways, as well as interacting with the latest-generation video games.”

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