Published On: Thu, Sep 17th, 2015

Software unveils ‘Smart Logistics’ blueprint for Digital Platform

German software enterprise company Software AG recently unveiled a smart logistics blueprint for its digital business platform that combines capabilities to digitize, analyse and monetise assets by enabling cutting edge digital applications. The ‘Smart Logistics’ blueprint from 1969-founded Germany’s second largest software vendor overlays the platform with smart processes for real-time synchronization of global logistics networks.

Smart Logistics can analyse streaming Internet of Things (IoT) from onboard sensors, suppliers, logistics partners, environmental sensors, traffic feeds, telematics systems and geopolitical risk analysis systems. It vehicle telematics, and contextual data to provide logisticians with enhanced visibility and increased efficiency across complex logistics operations. This enables early identification of problems early, such as wrongly loaded shipments or delays, and respond proactively. The DBP can also factor in information from vehicles, ships, rail cars, and more; this gives users the ability to understand whether events taking place onboard the conveyance will affect transport.

Software has a strong background with customers use cases in Smart Logistics, including maritime, road, rail and air logistics, and in complex supply chains. Customer case studies were recently showcased at the Software AG Global Logistics Summit which was keynoted by Dutch maritime logistics specialist Royal Dirkzwager.

With the Digital Business Platform’s tools for predictive modelling, users also gain the ability to predict where exceptions are most likely to occur and determine estimated arrival times before the transportation route has begun.

Real-time analysis and aggregation of streaming data enables timely actions and accurate predictions by merging real-time and historical data. An almost limitless amount of connectivity options ensure all providers and shippers can participate in the solution as well as share and synchronize data among multiple parties and processes, regardless of their level of technological sophistication.

Sean Riley, global manufacturing and logistics director Software AG, noted: “Software AG’s Smart Logistics is designed to enable logisticians to capture, analyze, aggregate and act upon streaming IoT data in order to help minimize waste and scheduling inefficiency. It’s a tremendous competitive edge.”


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